You can have very good earnings by selling cards for paying for online games. Using the WOW time card, games are paid on the network. Millions play such games all over the world.

The average price for one game per month is about 10-15 cu The game is paid either with a credit card, or with such cards here. Well, credit cards are the prerogative of banks, but if you start selling wow cards, you can make good money.

The fact is that companies that produce games do not sell time cards. This is done by partners who receive a certain percentage for this. Becoming a partner is not easy, but not too difficult. In order to sell such cards through yourself, you need to develop a business plan in which the key point is the point of sale - for example, it can be an online store or some kind of trading platform on the Internet.

To start a business, you do not need sky-high starting capital. If you have an online store, then thousands of dollars will be enough, which will go to purchase the initial batch of cards.

The main thing is to do this with a margin, otherwise there is a risk of losing a client if he turns and you do not have a card. The average profit from the sale of such a card is 10-30 percent, depending on the popularity of the game and the cost of the card itself.

The main thing is to choose the necessary project at the right time. Money will not be easy - it is the same business as any other in which you need to study the market, spend money and make risky decisions.